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We'll care for your birds as though they were our own.


We'll care for your birds as though they were our own.


We're bird people
just like you.

Hi, we’re Valerie and David Barton, the founders of Barton Bird Care. From the very first day we took home our first birds five years ago, we were hooked. Our mission is to provide your birds with the same high quality care that we’re committed to giving our own birds every day. Read more about our bird story here.

Your birds deserve the best. Let us help!

Valerie and David's signatures

“At least 2-3 times a day, Valerie and David sent me updates on how my Nova was doing with adorable pictures. They offered an outdoor cage for her to enjoy, healthy fruits and veggies were included in her diet, and above all else, they gave her loads of attention and love while she was in their care. What better way to go out of town then to trust that your bird will be treated as if she were their very own?”



The Values We Stand For


Love for our Feathered Friends

We believe all birds are worthy of living enriched lives.


Well-being Matters for Everyone

We care for ourselves, each other, and our birds every day.


Always Go the Extra Mile

We go the distance to provide the best care possible.

You deserve a vacation...
and so do your birds.

Going out of town can be stressful when you’re a bird owner. Birds are very particular about their environment and have specific needs depending on their type and size. Let us put your mind at ease.

We’ll care for your feathered family member as though they were one of our own, so you can get the rest and relaxation you deserve.

Bird Box Subscription Services

The perfect way for ultra-busy bird owners like you to shower your birds with love & gifts every month.

Want to show your birds how much you care? Our bird box subscriptions for busy bird owners include a package of treats and toys thoughtfully tailored to your feathered loved ones each and every month.

Small Box - Perfect for smaller birds like Cockatiels and Finches.

Medium Box - Perfect for medium birds like Amazons and African Greys.

Large Box - Perfect for larger birds like Macaws and large Cockatoos.


“I just received my first bird box and let me tell you, I love everything they picked for my Quakers. They asked what kind of toys they like and picked them specifically for my babies! Also, they included a letter with Janis and Whiskey’s names at the top. That was a nice touch!”


Have Questions?

We understand that it’s hard to trust another person with your beloved birds. We’ve been there ourselves, and we know what it’s like.

If you have any questions about our facilities or services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to offer you any assurance you need.

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