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Frequently Asked Questions

Bird Boarding FAQ

Yes, please contact us for pricing.

We provide an appropriately sized cage. If you have a small bird and would prefer for your bird to stay in a travel-sized cage we can accommodate this.

We offer nutritious meals, playtime outside of the cage and plenty of companionship. Please see our Boarding page for additional details.

Yes, please contact us for boarding references.

Yes, of course. We are happy to accommodate special dietary requests.

Yes, please contact us for additional information and to discuss the needs of your bird.

The birds keep each other company in the same room but we do not allow them to interact or share perches for their safety as not all birds will get along. Bonded birds sharing a cage may play together.

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Bird Box Subscription FAQ

Each month you will receive 3-5 items curated for your bird. Items may include toys, activities, treats, cleaning products, etc. that will support your bird’s total wellbeing.

We take into account your preferences when filling each box. Please let us know if your bird is a heavy chewer or loves to scavenge and we will do our best to find the perfect toys for your bird.

We will ship your box 1-2 business days after your initial purchase and in the first week of each subsequent month.

Shipping is free to the lower 48 states. There is a $5 shipping cost to Hawaii and Alaska. Please contact us for pricing information for international destinations.

We accept all major credit cards including American Express, MasterCard, and VISA.

If you need to change your subscription, please cancel your current subscription in your account and then purchase a new one. If you want your new subscription to be tied to your current account, make sure to log into your account when you’re checking out to pay for your subscription if you’re not already logged in.

You can cancel your subscription at any time from within your account.

You can skip a month by suspending your subscription anytime before your monthly payment date in your account at any time. When you’re in your account, click on Subscriptions, and then click “suspend subscription.” Remember to un-suspend your subscription before your next monthly payment date if you want to receive your box the following month!

For the safety of the birds we do not accept returned items.

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Other Questions or Concerns?

We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at info@bartonbirdcare.com or 720-939-5070.


“Valerie and David are true bird lovers! They are experienced bird owners and knowledgable about the specific needs of the birds in their care. They take their responsibilities seriously and seek to ensure a stimulating, safe environment for their own birds and the birds they board.”


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