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Bird Boarding

Worried about leaving your birds alone in their cages while you are away?

Barton Bird Care provides family-based bird boarding for bird guardians like you who may be traveling, working long hours, recovering from an illness, renovating/selling your home, or away for another reason.

Our primary goal is for you to relax and feel confident that you are giving your birds the highest quality care even when you are away.  Unlike traditional pet sitters, we provide daily cage-free recreation time, fresh fruits and vegetables, and companionship with our bird-friendly staff and other avian residents and guests. Reserve your dates today.


“We just had the Bartons do a long term board for our 2 birds. I can't say enough on how well cared for our babies were! They went over and above the call to give them the appropriate diet, love, and attention that the birds needed, and for a reasonable price. When our birds had to stay longer due to circumstances beyond our control it was no problem and they accommodated us without issue. We usually board at our bird vet but will only use the Bartons from now on! I think our babies would rather stay with them than at home! Also a very beautiful home. Valerie also gave regular updates and pictures of the birds and answered all questions quickly. WELL DONE!”


Boarding Prices (per day)


Board Your Bird in 4 Simple Steps


Reserve your dates at info@bartonbirdcare.com or 734-203-0190 and schedule a time to drop off your bird(s). Valerie will send an invoice for your review upon scheduling, however the balance is not due until pickup.


During drop off we will meet with you to discuss your bird’s preferences, particular likes and dislikes, and learn how we can provide a comfortable and customized stay for your bird. We will provide an appropriately sized bird cage and fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains. Please bring the following to your drop-off:

  • Bird travel carrier, food, and any necessary medications (labeled with bird’s name).
  • Toys from home (We provide toys for recreational enrichment. Feel free to bring a favorite toy from home.)


Relax and feel confident that you are giving your bird(s) the highest quality of care while you are away. You will receive text updates and may even see your bird on social media.


Pay the balance on your invoice online and email (info@bartonbirdcare.com), text or call (734-203-0190) us to schedule an appointment to pick up your bird.


A Typical Day at Barton Bird Care

Read on to learn more about our family’s daily routines.

Rise & Shine

Your birds will likely wake up with our early bird family around 6 AM. From the adjacent sunroom, the birds have a great view of the morning hustle and bustle in our kitchen as the family prepares for the day ahead. We greet all of our bird guests in the morning and wash their food and water bowls. Birds then receive a nutritious mix of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains alongside their regular pellets.


Daytime Activities

Once the family is out the door, Oma (“grandma” in German) starts her day. She enjoys her morning coffee and provides quiet companionship for the birds as she tidies the house and plans her day. Afternoons are for playtime and all birds have the opportunity to play on our java tree and perches. Late afternoon is an exciting time as the family reconvenes. We often have dance parties with the birds after dinner.


The End of the Day

Just like children, birds need adequate sleep to thrive. Following the excitement of dinner and a dance party, the family and flock gets ready for bed and it is lights out for the birds with the exception of one soft light. We are happy to cover cages at night upon request.


Extended Bird Boarding

We offer extended bird boarding (boarding duration greater than or equal to one month). Please contact us for more information.

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