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Our Story

We created Barton Bird Care because we love birds and believe that they deserve the best possible care. Barton Bird Care enriches the lives of companion birds through high-quality boarding and products that support their total wellbeing. At our in-home, family-run business there is always someone around to give your birds love and attention.

Meet Our Family & Flock


Valerie is the Founder and Owner of Barton Bird Care. A mother of three children, Valerie also has a Ph.D. in cancer biology and works as a training implementation manager for a life sciences research company. She has a big heart for parrots and dreams of founding a non-profit parrot welfare organization.


David is admired by our Hahn’s macaw and can often be found woodworking in our garage or on the golf course. As a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, David works primarily with children with autism, but his behavior expertise is also put to use when training our birds.


Inge or Oma (“Grandma” in German) loves to work in the garden and has a keen eye for home organization and interior design. With many years of experience in financial planning, accounting, and tax preparation, Inge helps to maintain our books. Her little dog, Pepper, is always under her feet.


Pavlov is a Hahn’s mini macaw who is certain that he is a very large, powerful bird. He enjoys waiting for and calling out the name of his love, David.


Aloha is the “golden retriever” of our flock—he loves everyone he meets and is always friendly. He is a rose breasted cockatoo and is happiest in the shower where he puts on quite a show. He also enjoys “working” next to Valerie at her desk.


Kiki, the newest addition to our flock, is a white bellied caique. Consistently silly, Kiki loves to hang upside down and play with talon toys. He is our most agile parrot and would make a great circus performer.


“Leaving your bird in someone else’s care can be a nerve-wracking experience because you want it to feel just as comfortable as it would in your own home. Valerie and David can provide exactly this type of worry-free environment while you’re away. Their own thorough research into many types of birds prior to welcoming one into their home convinced me that they are serious about providing the best possible care for their birds - and for mine!”


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